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Who We Are

We Are Missional

We Are Family

Here at Arnold Church of the Nazarene we strive to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in bringing His kingdom to earth.

The mission of God is to bring His kingdom of light to earth. His kingdom brings love, healing, compassion, light, and hope for everyone. This is why we exist as a church. All glory to God, and may His kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven!

Arnold Church of the Nazarene is a family. We worship together, serve together, work together, and do life together.


The church of Jesus Christ is held together by the people - all working together to complete the whole. We hope that you will be a part of the family here in Arnold! 

We Believe

in Prayer

We believe that prayer is not only a way to communicate with God, but a way to bring God's will, God's presence and glory, and God's kingdom to earth!

Prayer is one of God's many gifts and blessings to His church!



At Arnold church of the Nazarene we strive to bring God glory and praise in all we do.


God is worthy of all glory, honor, and adoration, and we love to worship Him!

We Are Servants

Following in the footsteps of Jesus we strive to serve and give through the love and compassion of Christ.

The Church

of the Nazarene is a church of compassion. We strive to meet people right where they are, and share the love of Christ through serving every way we can.

We Proclaim God's Message of Holiness

As a church of the Nazarene we proclaim God's call to live a holy life that brings glory to His name, and brings His goodness into the world.

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Our Service Times

Sunday School: 9:00 AM
Prayer Gathering: 10:10 AM
Worship Gathering: 10:30 AM

Prayer Gathering: 5:30 PM
Bible Study: 6:30 PM 

Children and Youth Night: 
5:30 PM... Community Dinner @ 6:00 PM - everyone is welcome!

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Contact and Directions

3651 Telegraph Rd.

Arnold MO 63010



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